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Blunder of Zelda

Because you'll need to catch up...

001: Crappy Sprite Comic

002: Enter the Author

003: Behold! The Power of Cookies!


005: Philosophy SUCKS

006: Inside the Castle

007: More on Corridors

008: Ah, C'mon. You Saw it Coming!

009: Oh the Humanity!

010: A Few Good Men

011: Meet Stuckley

012: Yes, I Know There is a Typo

013: Along Came a Penguin

014: I Sense Copyright Infringement

015: Now He's Hardcore

016: Y'know, He's Only 1 Author...

017: Does This Count As A Sidequest?

018: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter

019: Is That Lispy Enought For You?

Zelda and all related belongs to Nintendo.
The comics themselves are written by Michael Floyd and Co-Written by Daniel Evans.
Yes, we realize both are names are biblical in nature.
We're cool like that.